HMC vocational college for woodworking, furniture and interior design
The HMC is an independent postsecondary vocational college where pupils are trained for a profession in the woodworking, furniture or interior design sectors in the Netherlands. The HMC was set up in 1929 focusing on creativity, craftsmanship and entrepreneurship. The HMC has teaching locations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The HMC is a relatively small college (3000 students) and thanks to this, the college has a personal character and a safe atmosphere. The teachers at the HMC have often worked for years or still work themselves in the field.

Over the years, intensive contacts have been built up with the industry, so the education fits well with the working practice and our pupils have a wide choice of work placements. The HMC offers mainstream education (school-based and training on the job learning programme), pursuant to the Act on education and vocational training (WEB Act). In addition, the HMC offers courses and training for employees in the sectors and a wide range of cursory educational routes for private parties.

Workpiece-focused training courses
The training courses at the HMC are workpiece-focused. This means that during the courses, the students complete various assignments for internal or external customers. The final exam workpiece (the ‘master’s piece’) is exhibited annually at the HMC final exam exhibition. Large numbers of parents, family members, work placement companies and sector representatives come to view the achievements of the students The HMC also organizes masterclasses related to the final exam exhibition, during which designers and entrepreneurs inform people of the latest updates.

Gaining international experience
Where possible, HMC students gain international experience, by means of visits to foreign trade fairs, a work placement abroad or by taking part in projects by the Vliegende Meubelmakers (Flying Furniture-Makers) foundation – HMC students make furniture in developing countries and also teach the local people how to make furniture.

Inspiring learning environment
Students who choose the HMC are for instance interested in designing and building interiors, furniture, homeware and fashion accessories. During the training courses, the students come into contact with well-known designers and visit various trade fairs, such as the world-famous furniture fair in Milan, where they can gain inspiration.

Students do well
Research by the HMC itself has shown that students with a HMC diploma do well. A large number of them (about 40%) choose to do a related higher vocational study. The other graduates soon find work in the sectors or start their own company

Enterprising approach
Professionalism and in-depth knowledge of materials are other elements which all the students learn about. Working in the creative manufacturing industry requires an enterprising approach. Sales simulations and the business plan are examples of the way in which this is taught at the HMC. As well as learning in practice and theory at the college, all the students do a work placement with a company. Sometimes, the focus of the training course even lies on learning within the work placement company.

HMC Amsterdam 
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HMC Rotterdam
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